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Personalized Logo

Personalized Logo

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Request us to create the logo you need for your business.

Your logo will be created by a professional designer.

The work will be sent in the following formats: ai, jpg, and png.

The logo file's default color is CMYK.

The working period could last up to seven days.

When ordering, please include the following information.

Preferred font : Gothic, Myeongjo
Preferred color :
Preferred Atmosphere: Calm, Classic, Lively, Vivid, Gorgeous, Soft, Stable, Luxurious

Please also provide a detailed description of your company.

Please draw and upload a picture of the desired logo type.

Keep the following in mind for better results;

Please provide us with as much information as possible.

Designers have no idea what you want, so please be as specific as possible in your description.

If you want a mark design, you must provide us with an outline of the mark design you want us to create. Please doodle a rough sketch on paper and upload it.

The editing process can be repeated three times in total. A $19.99 one-time fee will be charged for the fourth revision. Please be as specific as possible when submitting a revision request so that the total number of revisions does not exceed to three.

Additional pricing details:

When you request a revision for the fourth time, you will be charged a one-time fee of $19.99.

When using RGB color, the price is $19.99.

Pantone color coding: $29.99

$29.99 for application design (business cards, envelopes, and letterhead).
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