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1. What formats do I use?

- ADOBE Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6, JPG / PNG(300dpi or higher), and PDF File. We do not accept MS Office, Corel Draw, or Quark file. If you’d like to use other format, you can convert your file to PDF and upload it.

2. Can you modify my file?

- We do not modify any files. This policy is to supply products at a lower cost. If there’s a change, you can modify the file and resubmit it.

3. How do I submit my design?

- You can upload your file when you order.

For other file-related questions, please note “Artwork guidelines”.


1. What are the shipping rates?

- Free Shipping. only US mainland. available APO. not PO Box, Alaska, Hawaii.

You can use EXPRESS SHIPPING. Regardless the amount of your order, our EXPRESS SHIPPING rate is fixed: all products at $9.99

2. Is it possible to check my tracking number?

- You can check your tracking number in “My Account”.

3. How long does it take to be delivered to my place?

- Free Shipping: 4 to 10 days after turnaround (24hours turnaround)
Express Shipping: 2~3 days after turnaround (24hours turnaround)

4. Where is my package?

- You may monitor the status of your order through this link using your tracking number.

5. It has been more than 10 days since I placed my order. Why is it taking so long to receive it?

- It all depends on the local courier in your place. After handling over your package to our shipment processing partner, it goes through different security checks which can make the shipping much longer than the usual.

6. The tracking site says that it was already delivered but I didn’t receive anything. What should I do?

- Contact us immediately so that we could check it on our end and as soon as our shipment processing partner confirmed that it was mistakenly delivered to a different address, we will send you a free replacement.

7. My product seems to be lost in shipping. What do I do?

- Contact us and request the re-print and re-shipping.

8. Can I visit your printing warehouse to pick up my product?

- Unfortunately not at this time. Our office currently does not have the system to confirm the release of product.


1. How come your price is so cheap?

- We drastically lowered the printing cost by innovating the online printing system. Then we lowered the prime cost by promoting mass production. Ultimately, decreasing manufacturing costs are reflected on our low selling price.

TURNAROUND - Processing time before completion


1. How long is the turnaround time?

- After we have received your file, turnaround time will take 24 hours.

2. Do you have a cutoff time per day for receiving orders?

- We do not have cutoff time as we immediately start printing your orders right after receiving your file.

3. Can I expedite the turnaround time?

- We do not expedite turnaround time as we always make sure that the products that will be delivered to you are of high quality. We suggest that you pick the express shipping option so that even the turnaround time is within 24 hours, shipping time will be lessened.

4. I want to add more products after submitting the first one, will the turnaround time be the same?

- Turnaround time will always be within 24 hours for every order placed. If you have ordered multiple products and it was placed on different days, the total turnaround time will be longer than 24 hours since it adds up every time you place a new order.


1. Can you adjust colors?

- Sorry. To maintain lower costs and faster processing, we cannot adjust colors. However, we do not use manual system, but digital color profile system to produce the most standardized colors. Compared to other companies, we assure you that we provide consistent colors.

2. How long does production take?

- Time taken for production is explained in the detail page of each product.

3. Are custom size available?

- Not at this time. However, custom size production is not difficult. We have yet to establish a system but will be available to you sooner than later.
In any case, if your desired printing size is smaller than the standard size we have on our website, we can make that happen at the same price as standard size. For example, if you want 8”X10”, you can place an order for the size of 8.5”X11”, and input the ultimate size you desire on the margin of the file.

4. I created black border on every side of my file, but there is a tailoring error. Can you redo this work?

- Considering the printing process, tailoring discrepancy of approximately 2mm (1/12 inch) at one side can occur. Please take this printing nature into consideration when you design. Please refer to the Trimming and Bleeding lines provided in the Artwork Template File. We do not redo or offer refunds for this reason.

5. What is the size range?

- Both width and height must be at least 1 inch to work.

6. What is the largest size you can work with?

We offer maximum 16.5inch X 12inch for Paper, Kraft Paper , Matte Paper and maximum 42inch X 42inch for PVC Vinyl , Clear sticker.

7. How do I order a size that is not on the site?

- When you request a quote, you will receive an order guide along with a quote by email.


1. I’m not getting my product quick enough. I want a refund.

- Production can be delayed due to the conditions of manufacturing or shipping services. We will promptly inform you by phone or email for any delays made during the production process. We cannot issue refunds for delays in production. For shipping delay, we will take immediate measures by confirming with the couriers. To avoid probable delays, we strongly suggest that you place an order early with enough time for production.

2. Printed color is different from the file I submitted.

- There can be many reasons why the actual printed colors and your submitted file are different. Colors vary each time a file is printed according to the day’s ink condition, temperature, humidity, etc. Please note that it is impossible to adjust the colors exactly same as your preference. We offer no guarantee of "matchprint" or "match-product" color fidelity. To your relief, our printing system has fewer errors than other companies with our digital mixing color system, which is only influenced by temperature and humidity.

Prints cannot prevent slight color shift and do not guarantee color will match the preview as it appears on a customer's monitor. We cannot compensate for a color variance on each customer's monitor. Color expressions vary depending on monitor conditions—contrast range, brightness and opacity, manufacturer, monitor driver, etc. Moreover, the method for color expression between ink(printing) and light(monitor) is different. The color of inks is expressed in CMYK and the color of light is expressed in RGB. With that in mind, we assure you that after ordering products from us, you’ll be able to closely match the actual printed colors with your monitor settings.

While in production, CTP output program might not properly recognize the effect of opacity, gradient, and 3D. Even for the same effect, expressions may vary according to the design programs—ADOBE Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Therefore, if your design has various effects, you must rasterize and convert it to image.

3. I received a wrong product. I want to return it.

- We perform thorough inspection before each shipment, but when error occurs and wrong item is delivered to you, please contact our U.S. representative before returning the product. Our office will guide you how to take care of it. Upon confirmation, we’ll issue you a RMA number where product can be easily returned to our U.S. branch office.

4. I’ve made a payment but I want to cancel my order and get a refund.

- You will get a refund if we have not started the printing process. If the job is already in progress, we may not issue a full refund; we may be able to give partial credit after deducting from the cost already in effect. For refunds, we will cancel your credit card payment or return fee to your PayPal account. For details, our representative will guide you.

5. My Item Arrived Damaged. Can I return it and file a refund?

- We will be glad to send you a replacement. Just send us an image of the damaged product so we can proceed with the reshipment. If you prefer a refund, kindly give us 3-5 business days to process your request.


1. How do I make a payment?

- You can pay via credit card. No check or cash is accepted. 


1. How do I place an order?

- Please place an order on our website. An order is processed after you check out the selected item on our website and upload your design file. An order is not complete if both checkout and file upload haven’t been made.

2. Can I place an order over telephone or fax?

- To minimize errors, we do not provide telephone or fax order service.

3. I’ve uploaded my file, but I want to modify data.

- You can modify your file if we have not started printing. Please cancel the
Order and re-order. Once printed, it cannot be canceled.

4. Can you reprint the file that I had uploaded in the past?

- To ensure confidentiality and protect your copyrights, we do not store any customers’ previous designs and delete every data after each production. You will have to send us your file again.


1. I see that you have many assorted materials. Can I receive a material sample?

- You can order Sample Kit on our website for free. If you order more than two sets, shipping fee will be charged.

2. Do you send Invoice when product is shipped?

- You can print your Invoice on “My Account” page.

3. I entered the wrong address. Can I still change it after placing my order?

- Kindly contact us immediately after noticing that your address is incorrect so that we could make the changes on our end.