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RedPrinting VS MorningPrint


The texture of the business cards sold by is most similar to that of the business cards sold by

Both companies handle high-quality business card materials that are not easily found in the United States.

Let’s compare business card products from and



1. Price

The price of is much cheaper than In addition, offers free shipping anywhere in the U.S. if you order just one business card, but always adds an additional shipping fee of $17.95 if you order just one business cards.


Nouveau business card price comparison (Nouveau double-sided print, 200 cards)

 Price Shipping Fee Amount $14.99 FREE $14.99 $20.98 $17.95 $38.93
Defference $23.94



2. Size produces regular 3.5”x2” US business cards. is produced at 3.55”x1.97”, so the size is slightly different from the US business card size. It wouldn't be difficult for to produce business cards in 3.5"x2", but We are not sure why they produce them in such an ambiguous size.


3. Paper

Nouveau paper comes from Japan. The official name is Vant Nouveau. Genuine Japanese Vant Nouveau does not come in 233 gsm. Genuine paper only comes in 250 gsm. uses 250 gsm genuine Vant Nouveau paper.


4. Country of origin is located in Chatsworth, California. All business cards of are manufactured in the USA. is located in South Korea.


5. Finishing's business cards cannot be subjected to various finishing processes such as foiling, vanishing, and punching. is capable of a variety of finishing operations. will also soon introduce various finishing operations.

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